nina fountedakis
     'night walk schrammelklang festival' performance and exhibition LITSCHAU // 08.07.2017
     'forum biotopia' aufwind festival for urban impulses exhibition STABLES OF THE FORMER HARNESS RACING TRACK KRIEAU VIENNA // 22. - 25.06.2017    
     'wir wollen das / time and space created through the use of thread and wool' group exhibition AA COLLECTIONS GALLERY VIENNA // 12.06.2017

     'liebeserklärung ans sein' solo exhibition WESENS.ART VIENNA // 06. - 29.11.2016 
     'wachsende stadt 2016 - kunst für alle' ausstellungsbeteiligung ART VHS VIENNA // 18.10. - 18.11.2016
     '.lines of flight_' performative participation ATELIER G7 VIENNA // 14.05.2016

     'gallery on tour' group exhibition WALDKLANG SALZBURG // 18. - 27.12.2015 
     'g7 off' performative participation ATELIER G7 VIENNA// 28.03.2015      
     'niños consentidos wien 2°' an experimental and interdisciplinary arts festival BRICK-5 VIENNA // 03. - 09.04.2015 

     'nina fountedakis stellt aus' solo exhibition in MUSEUMSQUARTIER VIENNA
        in cooperation with 'quartier 21' // 30.12.2013 - 06.01.2014 
     'niños consentidos wien 1°' an experimental and interdisciplinary arts festival BRICK-5 VIENNA // 28.03.2014
     'die vier elemente' group exhibition in the GALLERY of the CASTLE ST.LEONHARD AM FORST // 31.05. - 01.06.2014  
     'tree of life gathering' solo exhibition throughout the festival site KAUTZEN // 06. - 08.06.2014  
     'grenzwerte wird 5' exhibition and performative participation with the piece '3,7 METERS OF COLOURED SOUND' 
        ECHORAUM VIENNA // 11.06.2014	
     'fuck beauty and fuck you. a pretty ugly exhibition' group exhibition RAUMSCHIFF LINZ // 13.06. - 06.07.2014
	 invitation in 
     'kunst-schau-platz' group exhibition/vernissage by GARDEN VILLA albertgasse VIENNA // 18.-19. 09.2014
     'circus lumineszenz playground' ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL LINZ
     'ich bin jetzt' solo exhibition/experiment at the COAST OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. LA GOMERA
     'i am about to catch you' interactive performance/experiment CITY CENTER VENICE 
     'fruit dealer' interactive performance/experiment CITY CENTER BARCELONA
     'i don´t need money, but a smile or a hug would make me happy' interactive performance/experiment CITY CENTER VIENNA
     'art aber herzlich' group exhibition/art graduation ACADEMY OF HOLISTIC ARTTHERAPY VIENNA
     'and it went everywhere' performance/streetwalkingevent with a2company THROUGHOUT THE CITY OF VIENNA
     'smiling' interactive performance/experiment in PUBLIC MEANS OF TRANSPORT in VIENNA
     'post ist. bessere kunst sehen, kunst sieht besser' COMBINESCH GRAZ
     'exit 08' semester exhibition ACADEMY OF APPLIED PHOTOGRAPHY GRAZ
     'neurosengärtner' exhibition ACADEMY OF APPLIED PHOTOGRAPHY GRAZ
     'diaclipfestival' CITY PARK OF GRAZ
     'cheapkarma solifest' group exhibition COMBINESCH GRAZ

     '100% organisch' group exhibition BORG MONSBERGER GRAZ			 
     'junge talente musizieren' concert of the ELMAR SLAMA PIANO CLASS ZELL AM SEE
        publication of two original compositions 'the death of little lisa' and 'triolenetüde'