nina fountedakis
»what we have called matter is energy (light), whose vibration has been so 
lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. there is no matter« 

»all the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow«

»the eye was made by the light, for the light, so that the inner light may emerge to meet the outer light«

CIRCUS LUMINESZENZ circus lumineszenz an artistic, cultural and amorevolous educational project. interactive multimedia-installations and -environments for schools, museums,institutions and festivals throughout austria and abroad (project cooperations for my part thus far in DE, GB, HR, LT, EL, SRB, CH, H) under the wings of the associaton of experimental and interdisciplinary art 'veik' my colleagues and i work with this poetic-sounding project inter alia to manifest antidogmatic outlooks on art and to encourage and support the creative abilities of human beings (especially those of children). my work nourishes itself from holistic arttherapy and aesthetic education (by friedrich schiller). we create a ludic environment, designed to enhance the creative, social, intellectual and motor skills of children, while enabling a loving and bright togetherness. for further information on the conceptual background i point to this dossier. examples of our 'bright' work: CIRCUS LUMINESZENZ PLAYGROUND is an immersive interactive multimedia installation aimed at young audiences, where they are invited to paint with light (creating live visuals in realtime), experiment and play with the qualities of light and make music with it (with our selfbuilt musical light-instruments). more on this matter you can find here. LIGHTCIRCUS based on the mechanism of the playground we give diverse WORKSHOPS with flexible duration. LIGHTPAINTING/ LIVE VISUALS FOR DETAILLED INFORMATION:
IM UNIVERSUM / IN THE UNIVERSE ILLUMINATED INSTALLATION using LED and/or SOLAR RADIATION PASTEL OIL CHALK ON PAPER. RESTORED WINDOW. 2013 everything is interrelated, nothing exists in isolation. in fact physicists tell us that they see nothing but interrelationship. professor sir arthur stanley eddington once said 'the electron vibrates and the whole universe shakes'. this is no exaggeration. FOR VIEWING PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE!
my fascination with light first showed itself artistically with a growing interest in photography the term 'photography' derives from the greek roots φῶς (phōs) 'light' and γραφή (graphé) 'drawing' or 'representation by means of lines' together meaning 'drawing with light' FOR VIEWING PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE!