nina fountedakis
»keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more«

»we are both inside and outside of nature«

»nature, art, creation are a unity. only we have separated it»

my new works for the exhibition 'LIEBESERKLÄRUNG ANS SEIN' (LOVE DECLARATION TO BEING) are not online yet. 
that much for now...
nina fountedakis LIEBESERKLÄRUNG ANS SEIN   nina fountedakis LIEBESERKLÄRUNG ANS SEIN   
details from the object series WERKE DER ACHTSAMKEIT (WORKS OF MINDFULNESS)

NATUR UND PLASTIK ein fragiles verhältnis NATURE AND PLASTIC a fragile relation INSTALLATION plastic as a global environmental problem and art as a global language. plastic is virtually imperishable. depending on its composition it may take centuries or even millennia until the material decomposes in a natural process. it is for this reason that our handling of this material must be characterized by care and responsibility. with my art i want to open this space of attention and awareness; to give people a possibility to reflect on their relationship and their behaviour with this everyday material. annotation: all 'unnatural' materials of this project are being taken from the waste bin all natural components are being carefully collected from a natural environment FOR VIEWING ALL WORKS PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE!

ORGANISCHE POLYMERE FESTKÖRPER, FORMIERT EUCH! ORGANIC POLYMERIC SOLIDS, FORM UP! INSTALLATION. 2014. we, the organic polymeric solids, also called plastics or synthetic material, we are virtually imperishable! if we are not recycled or incinerated, we do remain in the environment for centuries. objects (how you like to call us sometimes) you only use for moments or just seconds ... we will survive you! and because we like to swim we are successfully colonizing the sea. there is already more plastic than plankton in your, oh so beloved oceans! in this spirit: FUCK YOU PLANKTON! FOR VIEWING PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE!
ICH BIN JETZT / I AM NOW PASTEL OIL CHALK ON PAPER. 2012. LA GOMERA. site specific exhibition/ experiment in which works of art are being fixed to stones on-site of the atlantic. biodegradable glue is being used and gives the works the possibility to interact with their environment. what happens between the landscape and the works – do they influence each other? how do people (re-) act in this situation? the range is wide: some do not realize anything, continuing their path without any further notice of the changes made. others participate on an intrinsic level, through percipience itself and the associated inner processes. and still others get involved through actions - components blown apart are being reassembled. FOR VIEWING PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE!